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Edison Child

Innovative, Eco-Friendly, Safe, Secure,  100% Breathable Sleep 

  • 100% Breathable & Non Toxic

  • Organic Cotton 

  • Removable & Machine Washable Cover

  • GreenGuard Gold Certified 

  • Eco-Friendly & Hypoallergenic

A Quick Education on Healthier Sleep

Did you know infants can spend up to 17 hours a day sleeping?

Considering the amount of time spent in their crib,

Shouldn't your little ones have the safest sleep environment?

Why Shouldn't our Baby Sleep on Foam?

Our mattresses are made from a healthier foam alternative called Bundle Fiber.  Unlike foam, it has no off-gassing, no VOC's, and no chemical flame retardants. Foam is highly flammable and made with chemicals and petroleum.

Why not Vinyl or Plastic Covers?

Vinyl's or Plastics are not breathable.  Our Organic Cotton fabric is made with an eco-friendly, water repellent shield that is 100% breathable. Basically, air passes through the mattress to help regulate temperature and protects against liquid and other mess.

What is Breathability?

Breathability is the ability of air to pass through the mattress.  This helps keep your children cooler and more comfortable during the time they are asleep.

Can Breathability be Bad?

Yes.   Foam mattresses should not be breathable as they emit VOC's.  Even with low VOC mattresses, we believe that it is important to not risk their health at the most crucial stages of their development.

white mattress

About Edison Child

We founded Edison Child with the purpose of providing children with a 100% breathable, hypoallergenic, water repellent mattress.  We combined all the best features into a safer, healthier, secure and more comfortable night sleep.

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